Gary Gulash       Nature and Wildlife Photographer

Welcome to my website showcasing what I like to photograph, wildlife and nature subjects. I am a veterinarian but when I'm not working with domestic species I'm in the great outdoors on the path of wildlife in their natural surroundings. I'm motivated by the beauty I see in nature, simple as that. I have an educational background in the study of Renewable Resources Technology and a degree in Veterinary Medicine that has been invaluable in my understanding and appreciation of the natural world. I worked for a while for the Federal Government Fisheries and Oceans on the west coast in resource protection and management. I hope that my photography may inspire others to appreciate the wonder of the natural world all around us. I intend to share more of my thoughts on the natural world, the art and science of photography and conservation matters in the blog section of this website so feel free to check this section of the site. 

Most of the photography on this website was captured close to home in the ecologically diverse eastern slopes of the northern Rocky Mountains and Jasper National Park. I like to revisit locations at different times, seasons and under varying weather conditions to capture the nuances of these places and their wildlife that I have become intimately familiar with.   

I try to minimize my impact on the wildlife subjects I photograph by using long lenses to permit safe and unobtrusive working distances. I don't bait animals or use any form of calling in my photography. Finally it  may be worth mentioning as well that my subjects are all entirely wild and free. 

I enjoy using Nikon equipment and own several pro bodies including the D4, D500 and D700. Lenses include a 600VR,  200-400VR, 70-200VR  and a variety of shorter focal lengths. I use the sturdy Gitzo CF tripods and monopods, accompanied by RRS and Wimberley heads. I'm a Mac guy, old school I guess, still loving my iMac retina and MacBook Air. I'm slowly improving my photo editing skills; it is exciting and at times a challenge to work with the RAW files to approximate what I experienced visually in the field. I subscribe to  Adobe CC;  Lightroom and Photoshop. I am a Nikon Professional Services member.

If you are interested in my photography, feel free to get in touch via the "Contact" section. All photographs in this website are copyright protected so please do not use content in any form without first receiving explicit written permission. Thanks for visiting my site. 

Gary Gulash 

Published Works:

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association

Hinton Model Forest

Alberta Arts and Culture

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 

Fitzhugh Newspaper

Canadian Veterinary Journal


Wildlife - 2012

Where They Left it Wild - 2014